Sunday, May 22, 2011

North American Blue Songbird Identification

Spotting North American songbirds is always enjoyable, but identification of bird species can be sometimes be complicated.

This series of photographs show how a wide range of bird species can be quite similar in appearance. Below are several blue male songbirds of North America's Mid Atlantic region.

Distinguishing songbirds starts by looking for identifying characteristics such as beak shape, coloration, habitat, behavior, and other factors.

Binoculars, field glasses, or spotting scopes can be a big help. A good field guide is another indispensable tool to help with bird identification. When possible, digital photographs will allow bird enthusiasts to study birds at home in greater detail.

In the series below, several blue songbirds occupy similar habitats. Each bird has slightly different body coloration as well as behavior.

male blue grosbeak
male indigo bunting

male eastern bluebird

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